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New Hours of Service Requirements

New hours of service requirements for truck drivers took effect July 1, 2013

New hours of service rules for truck drivers took effect July 1, 2013.  The new rules are designed to improve safety by limiting the number of hours truck drivers can spend behind the wheel to reduce the chance of driver fatigue.

“Safety is our highest priority.  These rules make common sense, data-driven changes to reduce truck driver fatigue and improve safety for every traveler on our highways and roads.”

– U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood

The Department of Transportation has provided this summary of the new hours-of-service rules:

DOT Hours of Service Summary

In a press release announcing the rules change, the Department of Transportation said the new rules will prevent more than 1,400 crashes and 560 injures each year.  In addition, the rules will save more than a quarter-billion dollars by reducing crashes and nearly half-a-billion dollars in savings from improved driver health.

DOT Hours of Service Press Release

Despite the savings in both lives and money, at least one trucking industry spokesperson has said the new rules go too far and provide too little flexibility for drivers.  Safety advocates complained the hours-of-service rules didn’t go far enough.  Joan Claybrook – a former NHTSA head – testified that white the rule took steps to reducing driver fatigue, the final rule “overall falls short of making the necessary improvements for safety that are needed to reduce the annual toll of truck-involved crash deaths and injuries….”, she said.

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  1. Gravatar for Kevin

    These new hours of service rules are just going to add to the already clogged truck stops and limited rest areas throughout the US, it is also in this driver option a giant money scheme thought up by the Obama administration, and is going to reduce the number of qualified drivers out on the roads, because of the over regulating of a set of laws based on a 1940's set of rules that do not pertain to the truck driver 2013.

  2. Gravatar for jack gumm

    these new rules will never fly most drivers are not home in 5 days you are now going to eliminate a 6 day work week this means your ridiculous new rules will cost about 1 million drivers approx. 25% of their income I have been a professional over the road driver since 1960 with over 6 million miles safe driving. No chargeable accidents this csa scoring is done in a very selective manner I wonder how many ups trucks are inspected they have a lot of wore out trailers.this is all about putting small companies out of business

  3. Gravatar for jack gumm

    Because of new rules I will work on the 70 hrs in 8 days screw your 34 hr restart. I will tell you right now your ideas will never fly.I am smart enough to know this its not about safety. never has been or we would not be driving 11 hours and would not be taking 10 hours in sleeper who can sleep 10 hours.this creates fatigue.Its all politics and power and money I feel for the new breed none of this will improve safety It wont last even the large companies are going to be effected financially fed ex drivers tell me this all the time because of this they will be laying off along with other major carriers they will go to the rail

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