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Trucking companies meeting in December to avoid responsibility to blameless plaintiffsMany of America's trucking corporations will meet up with other corporate executives and defense lawyers at a large conference at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida in December. At this conference, they will discuss defending trucking litigation claims against plaintiffs they recognize are often completely blameless!

From their brochure:

Trucking Defense Lawyers Admit Plaintiffs in Trucking Lawsuits Often Blameless

If you read through the entire brochure (which you can do by visiting their web site – coded "nofollow") these multi-billion dollar trucking companies seem to think they are at a disadvantage against seriously injured — and admittedly blameless — plaintiffs.

So, what are some things these trucking companies will be talking about?

  • Ensuring that trucking companies can share litigation-related documents and information with each other
  • Using national defense counsel and specific experts for trucking lawsuit defense
  • How to ward off lawsuits
  • How to manage the "sheer volume" of trucking accident lawsuits
  • Determining what the trucking company knew about sleep apnea and when
  • How driver shortages impact litigation
  • How to identify additional 3rd parties to shift the burden of liability away from the trucking company
  • How to defend and minimize damages against ("often blameless") plaintiffs with spinal cord and brain injuries
  • How to explain the destruction of document or electronic evidence in a way that will satisfy the courts

So, these "deeply oppressed" trucking companies "behind the 8-ball from the start" will be hob-nobbing in Mickey's backyard discussing how best to explain the destruction of evidence, shifting blame to others, and how to keep "often blameless" plaintiffs from recovering for the injuries caused by the trucking companies… when, that is, these trucking executives and defense lawyers aren't enjoying the breakfast buffet, sushi, "delectable seafood", 21-acre lake with water sports, and 45 hole Jack Nicklaus Signature Design golf course.

"Behind the 8-ball," indeed.

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(c) Copyright 2011 Brett A. Emison.

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  1. Gravatar for Truckie D

    Hi Brett,

    Injury attorneys never have conferences on how to beat trucking companies?

    There have been some serious miscarriages of justice when it comes to trucking companies and truck drivers involved in crashes. The sympathy factor as you noted above often comes into play, along with the deep pockets of trucking companies and their insurers. As the brochure you quoted above also says: "plaintiffs’ counsel will often look to parent companies with deep pockets to extend theories of liability".

    Smaller trucking companies are most assuredly behind the eight ball. A single crash can easily put them out of business.

    As for "sheer volume", given the number of trucks on the road, and the fact that trucking companies are a prime target for litigation, it's hardly surprising.

    Aren't trucking companies entitled to the best defense that their attorneys can provide?

    You also neglect the upside of such events. Trucking companies also use this kind of information to help ensure that their operations are compliant with the complex maze of relevant laws, rules, and regulations burdening the trucking industry. These pose many pitfalls that can have serious consequences for the unwary.


  2. Gravatar for Brett Emison

    Truckie - I appreciate your comment and your opinions as always, but am compelled to correct some misperceptions.

    First though, I agree that the fact there was a conference is not the primary concern. Lots of professions (including trial lawyers) have conferences. What is concerning are some of the topics on the discussion list.

    Plaintiffs are prohibited by law from seeking verdicts based on sympathy. I tell every jury I'm in front of my client doesn't want their sympathy, she wants justice and fairness.

    Trucking companies are responsible for their employees - as they should be. Trucking companies are not dragged into litigation because they have "deep pockets" or because they have insurance or because they are "behind the 8 ball." Trucking companies are involved in litigation because they are responsible parties when preventable crashes occur involving their equipment or drivers.

    Trucking companies make billions of dollars from their drivers and equipment. When these companies are involved in preventable crashes, they must use some of those profits to account for the damage they caused. If these companies aren't responsible for correcting the damage, taxpayers will be through Medicare, Medicaid, and assistance programs.

  3. Gravatar for A. Scott Williams
    A. Scott Williams

    If every defendant admitted they were negligent and paid for their negligence, there would be a lot less Plaintiff lawyers around.

    Until that happens (never will), people will need lawyers to fight the insurance carriers and trucking companies who are trying to minimize damages against blameless plaintiffs in the sheer volume of trucking accidents.

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