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The Safety Institute Begins Video Storytelling Project

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The Safety InstituteThe Safety Institute is a non-profit organization emphasizing injury prevention and product safety. TSI provides a number of services including grant making (supporting organizations and individuals to identify injury issues and find solutions), policy advancement (advocating for advances in injury prevention and product safety), and a survivor's network (providing guidance to survivors and family members to offer support following catastrophic injury).

As part of TSI's survivor's network, the group has launched a YouTube channel and has released its first Survivor's Story video, which offers a real life story of survival and perseverance. The nonprofit organization regularly speaks out against defects in vehicles that could be prevented, and other safety issues of concern to consumers.

The Safety Institute's first survivor story features Derek Frechette discussing his four-year-old son's tragic drowning. Though it took five years, the Frechette's courage and work after losing their son brought about a key policy change in Massachusetts to protect day camp children from drowning risks.


You can click here to learn more about or become involved with The Safety Institute.

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