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Big Dig Epoxy Company Targeted in Lawsuit

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Powers Fasteners Inc., the company that provided Boston’s “Big Dig” tunnel project with defective epoxy for ceiling tiles, was indicted Wednesday, August 8, 2007, in the death of a motorist. The motorist was killed when several of the massive ceiling panels lining the Big Dig tunnel came crashing down on her car from above.

The president of Powers Fasteners, Jeffrey Powers, claimed that Powers Fasteners was being unfairly singled out in Boston’s colossal public works program that had become a growing embarrassment of cost overruns to Governor Romney during his term in office.

Prosecutors hastened to point out that the indictment of Powers Fasteners does not preclude subsequent lawsuits against Bechtel, the primary developer of the Big Dig. More likely than not this indictment against Powers is the opening salvo in a series against the many contractors associated with the Big Dig public works tunnel project.