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Brett Emison

Zimmerman Jury: Competing Questions of High Cost and Financial Hardship of Jury Duty

Extravagant? ┬áThat’s not a typical adjective when describing jury duty. ┬áBut you wouldn’t know it reading the headlines about the jury sequestered for 3 weeks hearing the trail in which George Zimmerman was acquitted in the death of Treyvon Martin. […]

Brett Emison

The Dark Knight Rises: What’s The Legality of Bruce Wayne’s “Death”?

If you like comic books, superheroes, and the like and want to know actual legal answers to fictional superhero questions, I've got the site for you: Law and the Multiverse. From their…

Brett Emison

Tort Liability For Boston Marathon Bombing?

Walter Olson at Overlawyered is concerned there may be tort liability for the Boston Marathon bombing.

Eric Turkewitz at the New York Personal Injury Law Blog explains why the answer is…

Brett Emison

Honor Our Service Men and Women on Memorial Day (2013)

This Memorial Day, as I have in the past, I ask you to honor our service men and women who sacrifice so much to honor and protect the freedoms we enjoy (and, too often, take for granted) every…

Brett Emison

How To Help The Oklahoma Tornado Survivors

The city of Moore, Oklahoma – near Oklahoma City – was devastated by a tornado yesterday. Reports have the tornado producing up to 200 mile/hour winds with a width of up to 2 miles while on…

Brett Emison

Today is International Be Kind to Lawyers Day… Let's Celebrate

Today – the second Tuesday in April – is International Be Kind to Lawyers Day. Steven Hughes, a non-lawyer from St. Louis, described the founding of IBKTLD:

[W]henever Steve mentioned…

Brett Emison

Grief Damages Allowed For A Pet (or Property), But Not for People

I'm a dog person. I know cat people, but can't say I particularly understand them. Some true dog people might say I'm not really a dog person – I've only really had two dogs and I…

Brett Emison

Friday Legal & Safety News Round Up: October 26, 2012

Check out these legal, safety, and other news headlines from around the Internet that caught my attention this week:

Top 10 Ways The U.S. Chamber Hurts Americans [Mary Graffam at…

Brett Emison

Special Interests Attacking Missouri Court Plan Stand Down… But They’ll Be Back

The special interest groups attacking the Missouri Plan and trying exert political influence over Missouri's judges has announced they are backing off their support of Amendment 3, that would…

Brett Emison

The Safety Institute: Katie Kearney's Survivor's Story

The Safety Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to injury prevention and product safety. As part of its mission, the TSI Survivor's Network offers support to survivors and family…