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Problems With Texas' Workers Comp System

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A story from Dalas-Ft.Worth’s WFAA-TV details the problems of Texas’ workers compensation system through the eyes of two injured workers, Robert Frederick and Frankie Dutcher. Frederick suffers from a back injury he sustained while working as an auto mechanic four years ago, while Dutcher suffers from serious side-effects of exposure to hamful chemicals while working as a power-line repairman in 1996.

Both men’s hopes are pinned on sweeping reforms adopted by the Texas Legislature last year. Lawmakers abolished the old workers’ comp commission and handed over operations to the Texas Department of Insurance.

“This is a new agency with a new approach, with a new culture,” said Albert Betts, the state’s Commissioner of Workers’ Compensation. “We’re still, for all intents and purposes, in the baby stages of getting up and running.”

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