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Brett Emison

Yahoo! Telecommuting Ban Comes After Monitoring Employee VPN Activity

There were plenty of questions after Yahoo announced its ban on employee telecommuting – some panned the decision as an affront to workers (particularly female employees) while others noted the inherent risks and problems with telecommuting. [...]
Brett Emison

Yahoo! Bans Telecommuting… Right or Wrong?

Internet giant Yahoo's new policy banning telecommuting is drawing fire and getting backlash across the web. Some are calling Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer a hypocrite and charging that she is setting back working women's rights [...]
Brett Emison

Free Speech Is Not Always Smart Speech

A decision out of Indiana upholds 1st Amendment protections of speech, but scares the crap out me as a father. A US District Judge ruled that week that "racy" photographs posted by 15- and 16-year-old girls with inappropriately shaped [...]
Brett Emison

Will Wal-Mart Bet Finish In The Money?

Earlier this month, tort reform advocate Ted Frank bet big on big business and against the little guy risking more than 10% of his net worth on an options play betting that Wal-Mart stock would rise if/when the Supreme Court ruled in Wal-Mart’s [...]
Brett Emison

Worker Rights Under Attack in Missouri: HB 205 and SB 188 Gut Discrimination Laws

Missouri House Bill 205 (HB 205) and Senate Bill 188 (SB 188) are working their way through the Missouri General Assembly. These bills gut protections for workers against discrimination and whistleblowing. These bills hurt workers and protect [...]