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Two Injured in Arizona Trucking Accident

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ABC News is reporting that two people were seriously injured in a trucking accident when a semi truck ran out of control and went off the side of Highway 68 in Bullhead City, Arizona.

Two people were taken to the hospital Sunday after a semi truck they were driving crashed, spilling the truck’s contents off the side of Highway 68 near Bullhead City, officials said.


According to officials, the semi tractor trailer was traveling westbound on Highway 68 when it somehow lost its brakes and crashed, spilling the entire load of Oceanspray Cranberry Juice it was carrying off the side of the highway.

Tractor trailer accidents happen too frequently and cause too many injuries and deaths. For example, even though big rig trucks make up only 3% of vehicles on the road, trucking accident account for between 11%-15% of traffic deaths in Missouri and 8%-10% of highway deaths in Illinois. Both passenger drivers and truckers must be mindful of the dangers of tractor trailer accidents. A recent blog post gives safety tips for both passenger vehicles and truck drivers.

Just recently a St. Louis, Missouri police officer was killed when his police vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer. A California tractor trailer accident killed three people as the semi trucks drove too fast into a dust storm.

Learn more about semi truck accidents and safety at our trucking safety web site.

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