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Truck Inspections Crucial For Safe Highways

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Government is often criticized for too many regulations and too much waste. While this is certainly true, there are a number of programs that provide necessary safety benefits. One such program — commercial truck and vehicle inspections — was highlighted by WICZ News, a Fox affiliate in New York.

The report, Truck inspections look to keep drivers safe, illustrated how inspection records of semi trucks and other commercial vehicles in crashes identified safety violations that were ignored. [Watch the full report here]

"The safety of commercial motor vehicles (is) regulated by the federal motor carry safety administration, but also the state of New York. They both adopted regulations and we enforce those regulations. We are especially trained to conduct truck inspections. Every day on an ongoing basis we’re conducting truck inspections in a multitude of areas across the state.” – Sgt. Scott Hendershott, New York State Trooper.

With the size disadvantage that regular drivers have opposed to semi-trucks, and with some of the design disadvantages that make some tractor trailers even more dangerous than they need to be, these inspections are valuable safety tools that protect drivers.

This news report comes on the heels of an article this summer in the Kansas City Business Journal reporting that small trucking companies oppose Electric On-Board Recorders (EOBRs) that track the number of hours per day that a truck is moving. When looked at together, this media coverage shows that trucks can be dangerous neighbors on the road — but even more so when the trucking company adopts an attitude that reducing hours of service violations and truck driver fatigue is not an important safety improvement worthy of a trucking company investment.

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