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Weather A Factor In Deadly California Pile Up

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Details continue to emerge regarding a deadly 11-vehicle pile up in Bakersfield, California. It appears that weather may have been a factor with a severe dust storm reducing visibility and stopping traffice on the I-5.

Did you know that drivers — particularly those driving tractor-trailers or other commercial trucks — have a responsibility to take weather and road conditions into account when driving? All drivers should drive at a safe speed for the conditions in which they find themselves. Just because an Interstate allows driving up to 60, 70 or even 80 miles per hour doesn’t mean that such speeds are safe.

While the investigation is not yet complete, it appears that this semi-truck accident may have been caused because the truckers were driving too fast inside the dust storm. Whatever the reason, the trucks were not able to get slowed in enough time and the pile up eventually involved 11 vehicles and killed three people.

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