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Drunk SEO Salesman to Law Firm: "You’re an Idiot"


Friends of mine – David McCollum and Annette Griggs – shared this hilarious drunk dial marketing pitch tirade from an SEO cold call salesman trying to sell them a particular domain name.

While this is absolutely hilarious to listen to, it might not be so hilarious if your law firm is one who had signed up with this outfit. As Eric Turkewitz famously coined, “outsourcing marketing = outsourcing ethics“.

In the meantime, let’s help this SEO jerk put my friends at McCollum & Griggs at number one on Google (but whatever you do, “don’t mess with [his] boys)!

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  1. Brett Emison says:
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    Missouri Lawyers Weekly dialed the number of the person leaving this message. The SEO salesman who answered denied leaving the message, saying “I don’t remember anything like that.”

    Given the slurred speech on the recording, I’m inclined to believe him.

  2. Peter Egan says:
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    Drunk cold calling… I’ve heard this is common practice during political campaigns, but it doesn’t seem the most effective strategy when used for business purposes.

    This lunatic still have his job?