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The Forecloser: A True Story Of Why The Legal System Works

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John Stewart recently featured a story on The Daily Show about a Florida couple who were wrongfully foreclosed upon by Bank of America. In a clear cut case – the couple had paid cash for their home and did not have a mortgage – they were awarded approximately $3,000 for the out-of-pocket expenses and inconvenience of the wrongful foreclosure.

But Bank of America wouldn’t pay.

So the couple foreclosed on Bank of America, showing up to the local branch office with a Sheriff, a moving truck, and a couple of repo men.

See for yourself

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The Forecloser
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The founding fathers understood the importance of civil jury trials to protect our freedom and liberty. When people are taken advantage of or injured, the civil justice system is often the only remedy. Too often, only the "bad" stories about lawyers and plaintiffs get reported. It’s nice to see stories about the system working.

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