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Teenager Injured In Tennessee Train Accident

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Chattanooga, Tennessee’s ABC affiliate is reporting that a teenager was injured during a Tennessee railroad crossing accident.

An 18-year-old man is recovering at Erlanger today after a train collided with his car.

Polk County authorities tell us the accident happened just after 1:30 this morning along Highway 411 near York Road. Dispatchers tell NewsChannel9 they received a call from CSX that they had hit a vehicle.

The teen, who’s been identified as Brandon Dabbs, was injured in the collision and had to be flown to Erlanger. No word yet on his exact condition.

Train accidents can have many causes and have devastating effects on motor vehicles. Train collisions happen far too often. Just recently, two people were killed in an Amsterdam, Missouri train accident and there were critcal injuries stemming from a Texas train accident and Mississippi train accident. To make matter worse, Burlington Northern Sante Fe (BNSF) railroad was recently found to have destroyed evidence in an attept to cover up its role in four deaths from a Minnesota train accident.

Railroad companies are responsible for ensuring that train crossing warning systems are active and in working order. Learn more a railroad safety at our web site.

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