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Legal and Safety News of the Day

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Legal and safety news from around the web:

  • Michigan Supreme Court tweaks the standard for injury lawsuits [Detroit Free Press via Howard Bashman at How Appealing; also from Joe Consumer at The Pop Tort]
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham talks about the Advice and Consent Clause and the pending Kagan nomination to the Supreme Court [Brandon Bartels at Concurring Opinions]
  • Endorsement of Rock, Paper, Scissors as tie-breaker provision [Lowering the Bar]
  • Props to Walter Olson and Alan Crede [from Eric Turkewtiz at New York Personal Injury Law Blog]
  • Should you be eating what the government tells you to eat? [Steven Malanga at City Journal via The Agitator]
  • Family warned railroad about dangerous railroad crossing [Patrick Terpstra at WVEC]
  • Lawsuit claims Toyota disregarded evidence of sudden/unintended acceleration defect[WSJ and Orange County Register
  • Related Toyota story: Court filing claims Toyota’s own technicians and dealers confirmed cases of runaway Toyota [Joseph Rhee at ABC News]
  • Who would have guessed that law school prestige is overrated? [Elie Mystal at Above The Law]
  • Co-workers can be sued for negligence despite work comp law [by Scott Lauck at MO Lawyers Blog (Missouri Lawyers Weekly)
  • Guess what… clinical trials paid for by drug companies are more likely to show positive results [Paul Napoli at Injury Board]