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“Confusion” and Frivolous Lawsuit Hypocrisy

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Would you ever confuse this:

Ford F-150

with this:

Ferrari F150

It seems Ferrari named its new Formula 1 race car the "F150" in honor of the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification. Wanting to avoid confusion and make sure that when someone says "F150" people think of Ford and not Ferrari, Ford sued Ferrari. Surprisingly, Ferrari backed down (altering the name slightly to "F150th Italia"), making this perhaps the first time [since the mid-60s] that Ford has bested Ferrari in head-to-head competition.

But seriously, would anyone ever confuse a Ferrari F1 race car with a Ford pickup truck? Companies like Ford (and allies at the US Chamber of Commerce) talk about lawsuit abuse and frivolous claims as if injured plaintiffs are clogging the court system. However, the fact is that injury suits are declining in many (if not most areas) and suits like Ford’s are becoming far more common. The same corporate special interests calling to restrict the public’s right to trial are many times the most flagrant abusers of the system.

Read More: Ferrari vs. Ford: The F150 name game [Peter Valdes-Dapena at CNNMoney.com]

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