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Alert Bus Driver Narrowly Missed Hitting Baby In City Street

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An alert Texas bus driver narrowly missed hitting a baby sitting in the middle of a city street. Now the child’s parents are fighting to maintain custody after an investigation by the Texas Child Welfare Agency.

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An incident like this is every parent’s nightmare. What do you think: Was this neglect or a mistake? Should the little girl be removed from her parent’s home?

1 Comment

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    I’m torn. On the one hand, the second I saw video of the baby sitting in the road, in the dark, my thought was, those parents need to go to jail. No excuses: baby in road at night = bad parent.

    On the other hand, I doubt there’s a parent in the world who hasn’t lost track of a child for a few seconds. We’re all human.

    I guess the analogy is a child drowning–or almost drowning–in a family pool. We don’t blame the parents; they blame themselves, and suffer the loss. This child went out the front door, not the back, and went into the street, not a pool.

    If it really is a single incident, is the child better off being ripped from her family? Would social services have gone after an upper-middle-class family in a nicer neighborhood for a child slipping into a pool, but being rescued in time? I’m not sure.