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The Safety Institute Survivor's Story: BJ Williams

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The Safety Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to injury prevention and product safety. As part of its mission, the TSI Survivor's Network offers support to survivors and family members to offer help and support following a catastrophic injury.

TSI's Survivor's Network has launched a YouTube channel to tell real life stories of survival and perseverance.

The second video in this series tells the story of BJ Williams, a junior hockey star and professional prospect whose life was changed forever after he suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) during a car accident. Williams' lost his sense of smell and part of his sight due to the crash and required six months of rehabilitation and painstaking recovery.

Like many who endure a traumatic brain injury, today BJ Williams shows no outward signs of what he has been through. However, when he recounts the circumstances of his crash, the scars, though not visibile, are apparent to the listener.


Click here to learn more about or become involved with The Safety Institute.

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