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Former Players Sue NFLPA Over Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury

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Football Stadium   Former NFL players have sued the NFL Players Association for failing to take necessary steps to protect against traumatic brain injuries.  As identified in the lawsuit, NFLPA executive director, DeMaurice Smith, told Congress that “for far too long, our former players were left adrift [and] we were complicit in the lack of leadership….” The suit alleges that, during their careers, these players sustained multiple, repetitive traumatic head impacts and concussions during practices and games.  These players paid thousands of dollars in dues and fees to the NLFPA during which time the lawsuit alleges that the Association had unprecedented access to the large body of scientific literature on traumatic brain injury.  The lawsuit argues that the NFLPA concealed this knowledge from its player members. The former NFL players will seek medical monitoring and financial compensation for the long-term chronic injuries, financial losses, expenses, and intangible losses suffered as a result of the NLFPA’s conduct. Participation in the lawsuit against the NFLPA should not affect a player’s ability to participate in the actions pending against the National Football League. A web site has been created for those seeking more information, which includes answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

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