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Did You Know… Sunscreen Can Expire?

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Many parents don't realize that sunscreen can expireMost of us understand the need for sunscreen, especially in the upcoming summer months. But many of us do not know that sunscreen has a shelf life and an expiration date.

NBC Action News in Kansas City recently answered the question: When does sunscreen expire?

Citing a Mayo Clinic study, the report found that sunscreens are designed to remain stable and at original strength for up to three years. The report urged users to discard sunscreens that are past the expiration date, are more than 3 years old, or have been exposed to high temperatures.

Suncreen tips:

  • Use the full recommended application. Most people don’t use enough sunscreen. A recommended application is about 1 ounce to cover all exposed parts of the body.
  • Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 15 (many dermatologists recommend using SPF 30 or greater)
  • Apply sunscreen 20 – 30 minutes before going outdoors to allow the sunscreen to fully protect your skin
  • Reapply every 2 hour — or more frequently if you are swimming or sweating

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