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Vdara Hotel Knew About Pool “Death Ray” Since 2008

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Hotel officials knew about Vdara death ray since 2008Visitors to the posh new Vdara Hotel at the MGM Resorts City Center in Las Vegas have complained of a "death ray" of focused sunlight reflected off of the building’s mirror-like windows onto the pool area below. Like ants under a magnifying glass, guests have complained of singed hair and melted plastic cups and shopping bags. Pool employees call it the "Vdara death ray". It turns out, hotel officials have known about the problem since 2008 – years before the hotel even opened.

ABC News had this report:

According to the ABC News report, MGM officials knew about the problem before the hotel opened, but failed to purchase a protective film that would prevent the occurrence.

"They didn’t like the information. They didn’t want to spend the money," [Nichols E.] Ashton told ABC News Wednesday night. "They thought the issue would go away. They thought nobody would get hurt."

MGM officials called the "death ray" — scientifically known as solar convergence phenomenon — "a mild inconvenience."

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