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Toyota Recalls 1.7 Million Vehicles Because Of Fuel Leak Defect

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Another Toyota recall…

The Associated Press [via MSNBC] and others have reported that Toyota recalled 1.7 million vehicles today because of fuel leaks, calling this recall "the latest in a ballooning number of quality problems…." Toyota’s fuel leak recall involves vehicles worldwide and includes IS and GS Lexus models sold in the United States.

In one of the problems announced Wednesday, an improper installation of a sensor to measure fuel pressure may cause the sensor to loosen as a result of engine vibration over time, and possibly cause fuel leakage.

Fuel system defects can be particularly dangerous for automobile drivers and passengers. According to the US Fire Administration, post-collision fires are the leading cause of vehicle-related deaths. One auto industry expert has testified that a single gallon of gasoline has the explosive power of 24 sticks of dynamite.

This recall is just the latest entry in Toyota’s ongoing safety problems. Last year, Toyota was forced to recall millions of vehicles worldwide, including 270,000 vehicles for defective engines, 1.1 million vehicles due to defective electronic engine controls, Toyota recalled more than 10 million vehicles last year due to Toyota’s sudden acceleration problems and was even forced to halt production of several product lines until remedies could be developed.

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