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Rat Poison to Blame for Recalled Pet Food

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Over 90 brands of dog and cat food made by Menu Foods of Canada was recalled last week. The pet food has been linked to kidney failure and death in 15 cats and one dog. Veterinarians and pet owners fear the number could be much higher. The pet food has been tested and rat poison has been found in the food.

Scientists at the New York State Animal Health Diagnostic Center at Cornell University and at the New York State Food Laboratory tested three cat food samples provided by the manufacturer and found aminopterin in two of them. The two labs are part of a network created after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to keep the nation’s animals and food supply safe.

“Any amount of this product is too much in food,” Hooker said.

Aminopterin is highly toxic in high doses. It inhibits the growth of malignant cells and suppresses the immune system. In dogs and cats, the amount of aminopterin found – 40 parts per million – can cause kidney failure, according to Bruce Akey, director of Cornell’s diagnostic center.

It is unknown exactly how the rat poison got into the pet food. The company does not believe the food was tampered with as it was produced at two seperate facilities.