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NHTSA, DOT Settle Lawsuit Over Hidden Toyota Sudden Acceleration Documents

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Safety Research & Strategies continues to examine information showing that unintended acceleration still plagues Toyota vehicles and that many incidents cannot be explained by floor mats, bad drivers and sticky pedals.

The Safety Record, DOT Settles Lawsuit over Toyota UA Documents, New Congressional Inquiry Raises More Questions

I wrote before about how SRS sued NHTSA in order to gain access to records the agency refused to release concerning its investigation of Toyota sudden acceleration problems. Now, NHTSA and the Department of Transportation has settled the lawsuit and has agreed to produce investigatory documents, videos, and photos related to NHTSA's investigation involvement with the 2011 recall of Toyota and Lexus vehicles for sudden unintended acceleration.

However, as SRS reports, "[w]e are no closer to understanding why NHTSA dropped its investigation, or how trim interference can cause a UA like Tim Scott explained, or, more importantly, why we had to sue the DOT to get this."

According to SRS's preliminary analysis, NHTSA looked at 17 Toyota and Lexus exemplar vehicles as part of its preliminary investigation – but only two of those 17 were among the recalled vehicles.

You can read SRS's preliminary report on the material it received from NHTSA here.

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