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More Toyota Trouble: Consumer Reports Calls Lexus SUV A "Safety Risk"

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More troubles for Toyota — in addition to Toyota’s massive sudden acceleration problem — after Consumer Reports declared the Toyota-made Lexus GX460 a "safety risk" because of stability problems. Consumer Reports judged the 2010 Lexus SUV a "Don’t Buy: Safety Risk" because of problems experienced in the magazine’s standard emergency-handling tests.

From FoxBusiness:

From the Associated Press:

From ABC News:

Toyota said in a statement that it was "concerned" with the Consumer Reports warning and would try to duplicate its test result "to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken.

"We take the Consumer Reports’ test results seriously," the automaker said.

The last time that Consumer Reports concluded that a vehicle was "not acceptable" for consumers to buy was in 2001, when it warned consumers away from the Mitsubishi Montero Limited.


The GX 460, which is based on the same platform as the Toyota 4Runner, went on sale in the U.S. earlier this year. The luxury SUV starts at just over $50,000.

The rare safety warning from Consumer Reports comes at a time when Toyota is battling to restore sales momentum and to repair damage to its reputation from a punishing series of recalls.

The automaker has recalled over [10] million vehicles worldwide to fix a range of problems centered on the risk for accelerator pedals to become jammed by floormats or because of a mechanical defect in the pedal itself.

Toyota’s continued safety problems are troubling, particularly in light of the evidence that continues to mount showing that Toyota systematically attempted to hide and cover up its sudden acceleration problem.

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