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Law Advances On Rental Car Recalls

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The New York Times reported that a California law advanced toward creating the country’s first law forcing rental car companies to pull recalled vehicles off of the road.

Car manufacturers and dealerships cannot sell or lease vehicles subject to recall. Doesn’t it only make sense that rental car companies should not be renting unsuspecting customers vehicles subject to recalls?

But guess what… rental car companies (led by Enterprise) are fighting hard to keep the law from happening.

Read more: Did You Know… Rental Car Companies Will Rent You A Recalled Vehicle?

Want to know which car rental companies are fighting in order to rent you a recalled vehicle? I suggest you contact them to let them know you don’t think they should be renting defective, recalled vehicles to unsuspecting customers:

Rental car companies need to change their policies immediately. Until these policies change, anyone renting a car should ask the rental agent to confirm that the vehicle is not subject to any recalls. If the rental vehicle is subject to recall, you should request a different vehicle.

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