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Did You Know… Parents Must Use Caution With Bumbo Baby Seats?

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Must use caution with Bumbo Baby SeatsIt was not too long ago that my daughter was in her Bumbo baby seat frequently. But my wife and I never left her alone in the seat and never used the seat on elevated surfaces. All parents must be vigilant and use extra caution as infants continue to fall from Bumbo Baby Seats resulting in serious injuries.

Four years ago – in 2007 – Bumbo baby seats were recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Bumbo International Trust of South Africa. The 2007 recall required new warnings on the seats to deter parents and other caregivers from using the seat on any elevated surface.

Despite the new warmings, at least 45 injuries have occurred since the recall, which resulted in at least 17 skull fractures.

A reminder to parents – never use the Bumbo baby seat on tables, chairs, countertops or other elevated surfaces.

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