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Chrysler Recall: 300,000 Minivans Recalled For Air Bag Defect


Chrysler recalled minivans because of air bag defectChrysler has recalled more than 367,000 Dodge and Chrysler minivans because of a defect that can cause air bags to deploy unexpectedly and without warning. This is the second recall of the popular minivans for this same problem.

Dodge and Chrysler minivans recalled include:

  • 2008 Chrysler Town and Country

  • 2008 Chrysler Voyager

  • 2008 Dodge Caravan

Water from the minivans’ air conditioner can leak onto electronic chips in the occupant restraint control module that controls the air bags creating a potential fault or short. The air bag light on the dashboard may be illuminated and the electronic fault can cause the air bags to fire. Even though many of the faulty air conditioner units have been replaced, moisture may have damaged the chip circuit boards and compromised their performance.

When air bags work properly, they can prevent injuries and save lives. However, defective air bags can be particularly dangerous to vehicle occupants. There are four primary ways a defective air bag can fail:

  • No air bag deployment. This occurs during an accident or collision in which the air bag should fire and deploy, but does not. This leaves the occupant unprotected by the air bag during the crash.
  • Late air bag deployment. This occurs during an accident or collision in which the air bag does not deploy in time to protect the occupant. In this situation, the occupant is not protected by the air bag and may even suffer additional injuries from the air bag itself.
  • Aggressive air bag deployment. This occurs during an accident or collision in which the air bag deploys at a proper time, but with excessive force that causes the air bag to injure, rather than protect, the occupant.
  • Premature air bag deployment. This occurs where the air bag fires without (or before) an accident or collision.

Read more about the Chrysler minivan recall:

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  1. ja leap says:
    up arrow

    I bought 2005 brand new Jeep grand cherokee.
    No problems until a 6 months ago.
    Air bag light kept coming on. Took to garage and was told that couldn’t fix it.
    So 2 months later I had a horrible accident.
    No air bag deployment…….totalled car.
    critical condition. broken neck, concussion, bi lateral contusions of lungs. broken ribs. broken
    lumbar. injury to the verteral arteries that feed the brain.
    why no recalls. WHy. I need answers.
    I am blessed to be alive and not paralyzed.
    I am sure others have trouble with that air bag deployment.

    Please repond…thank you

  2. Paul J Pederson says:
    up arrow

    I just purchased a 2008 Chrysler town & coutry. How do I keep up with the latsest service bullitins and recalls?

  3. Brett Emison says:
    up arrow

    Paul – you can find information about safety recalls through NHTSA’s web site at http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/recalls/.

    Thanks for reading.