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Black Friday: Dangerous Toys To Avoid This Christmas (2011)

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Today is "Black Friday" – an ironically unsettling description for the unofficial start of the Christmas holiday season. So for all of Santa’s elves out early to stock up of gifts, you might want to keep in mind this post from December 14 last year about Dangerous Toys You Should Avoid This Christmas:

The Northeast Texas Glimmer Mirror just published a news article documenting dangers of toys made in China or other countries. Some toys may be made in foreign countries regardless of what is printed on the box.

Most of today’s toys are actually made in China or other foreign countries, regardless of what label is on the box or what country the manufacturer calls home. These manufacturers aren’t held to the same sort of quality control as American companies. This makes it much more difficult to hold those companies accountable when they put a dangerous or defective product on the shelves.


"These toys contain dangerous levels of lead, cadmium and asbestos — and more than just trace amounts but, in some cases, enough to cause serious injury to children."

Forbes.com just published a list of real-life dangerous toys. Parents and others buying toys for children this year should double check the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) web site to make sure your gift doesn’t pose an unforeseen hazard.

[More information at Playing With Safety: Dangerous Toys…]

More dangerous products you should avoid:


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