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Brett Emison

“Anyone Can Legally Say, ‘Eat Sh!t, Bob!'” (Or Why Tort Victims Aren’t The Problem)

Bob Murray runs coal companies.  He also sues people.  Prolifically.  And unsuccessfully (at least seven cases dismissed). In June 2017, John Oliver’s HBO program, Last Week Tonight, featured reporting on the coal industry.  When Oliver reached out to Murray Energy in […]

Brett Emison

Labor Day Lesson: Happy Employees = Better Business & Higher Profits

  So, today is Labor Day.  And with just a hint of irony, I’m in the office … laboring today.  At our firm, I’m one of the leaders, so no one is “making” me come into the office today.  Sometimes, […]

Brett Emison

George Brett, Pine Tar, and Statutory Construction

I’ve been a George Brett fan since I can remember.  I wore a number 5 jersey (and still do when I go to a Royals game).  I played 3rd base on my little league team.  I even packed a chunk […]

Brett Emison

Cell Phone Towers Are Killing People

A joint investigation by ProPublica and PBS' Frontline dug up a corporate culture of rampant neglect, workplace recklessness, shoddy planning, and, well, death.

– Sam Biddle at…

Brett Emison

Sen. Will Kraus Understands Why Voters Are “Very Frustrated” With His Vote Against Mo Court Plan

Will Kraus is my state senator. I voted for Sen. Kraus in his contested primary where he defeated an incumbent who staunchly opposed justice issues.

Writing as a constituent, I am deeply…

Brett Emison

Penn State, Joe Paterno, Civil Justice, & Tort Reform

I’ve abstained from writing about the Penn State child sex abuse scandal partly because it’s just so horrible and partly because others have written so much about it (see Read More below), but I’ll…

Brett Emison

Lions And Tigers And Bears… Oh My!

The Associated Press and others have reported that dozens of exotic animals – including Tigers and Bears – have escaped from an exotic animal farm in I-70 in Ohio after the farm’s owner was found…

Brett Emison

Did You Know… Mike Rowe Of 'Dirty Jobs' Confirms Safety Is NOT First On Job Sites?

Mike Rowe is the popular host of the Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs. As part of the series, Mike has been on site at dozens (perhaps hundreds) of job sites. And in a blog post, Mike confirmed…

Brett Emison

Netflix Spin-off "Qwikster" Fails To Secure Twitter Handle, Loses Brand To Pot-Smoking Muppets

Forgive me if I’m just a little off-topic today, but as a Netflix subscriber and as someone fairly engaged in the online world, a story about the Netflix spin-off, Qwikster, caught my…

Brett Emison

Brown Lung Disease: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Byssinosis?
Byssinosis (AKA “Brown Lung disease”, Cotton Worker’s Lung or “Monday Morning Fever” ) is a chronic lung disease involving obstruction of the small…