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Brett Emison

Trucking Conspicuity: What You Can't See Can Hurt You

Conspicuity. It's awkward word for a deadly problem.

Conspicuity refers to a driver's ability to see, perceive, identify, and appreciate a semi-truck's position and speed on…

Brett Emison

Study Shows Truck Drivers Are Falling Asleep At The Wheel

More than 3,900 people were killed in accidents with trucks last year (the number would be higher, but the federal government has not finished counting yet). Click the image above for an…

Brett Emison

GAO Report Recommends New Applicant Reviews Expanded to Identify “Chameleon Carriers”

There has been an increasing trend in the trucking industry in which shady and even dangerous trucking companies, previously saddled with violations and accidents, artificially shut down…

Brett Emison

Truck Driver Shortage & Highway Safety

There is a shortage of safe, qualified truck drivers in the trucking industry. CNN estimated the current shortage at 200,000 drivers. However, a trucking industry consultant estimated today's…

Brett Emison

Black Box Trucking Proposal & FMCSA Cracks Down On Wisconsin Trucking Company

Two different news stories this week deal with the trucking industry and commercial trucking safety.

The first story comes from USA Today and has to do with onboard data recorders – black…

Brett Emison

Study: Tests May Identify Sleep Apnea Patients Likely To Cause Crashes

A new study published this month in Thorax, an international journal of respiratory medicine, concluded that obstructive sleep apnea continues to increase the risk of traffic accidents and a new…

Brett Emison

Insurance Institute Pushes For Stronger Semi Truck Underride Guards; NHTSA Waits

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says more than 400 drivers and passengers are killed each year due to inadequate trailer underride guards that permit vehicle to submarine beneath a…

Brett Emison

FMCSA Will Investigate Semi Truck Driver Safety

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will launch two separate research studies in summer 2012 to examine factors affecting commercial truck driver safety.

On April 20,…

Brett Emison

Study: Sleep Apnea A Significant, Unrecognized Problem In Commercial Truck Drivers

I have written before about the problem of fatigue for airline pilots and truck drivers. Now Truckinginfo.com – the web site of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine – has reported on a study that found…

Brett Emison

Did You Know… The Biggest Loser Highlighted Sleep Apena Problem In Semi Truck Drivers?

I'm not one to normally watch The Biggest Loser on NBC. But I did catch part of an episode a couple weeks ago featuring a commercial truck driver named Joe. Apparently, as part of the The…