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David Brose

Litigation Tips Related to Truck Driver Fatigue

When fatigue is a suspected truck accident claim, the above standards are effective approaches to how the accident may have occurred.

David Brose

Driver Fatigue Issues and Regulation Changes in the Trucking Industry

Significant amendments to the hours-of-service regulations for truckers took effect in 2013, designed to improve safety of the motoring public by reducing truck driver fatigue. It was estimated these regulations would save 19 lives and prevent approximately 1,400 crashes and […]

Brett Emison

Congress Extends Trucker Hours in Sneaky Budget Deal

  As Congress rushed to finalize a $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep the government funded into next year, trucking and highway safety took a backseat.  A provision, written by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) rolled back hours of service requirements […]

Brett Emison

Wal-Mart Blames the Victims in Tracy Morgan Crash

  In the wake of the semi truck crash that seriously injured comedian Tracy Morgan and others and which killed comedian James (“Jimmy Mack”) McNair, Wal-Mart said it would “take full responsibility” if its tractor trailer caused the accident.  However, Wal-Mart’s […]

Brett Emison

Trucking Companies Ask Gov’t To Hide Safety Scores

  The Department of Transportation has an online tool that allows the public to see motor carrier (read: commercial trucking company) safety and performance data.  It’s called the Safety Measurement System and it is compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier […]

Brett Emison

Tracy Morgan Crash Sheds Light on Tired Truck Drivers

Comedian Tracy Morgan was critically injured over the weekend when the vehicle he was riding in was struck by a semi truck and trailer.  The trucking crash has put a spotlight on the dangers of tired truck drivers as reports […]

Brett Emison

New Hours of Service Rules For Truck Drivers Take Effect

New hours of service requirements for truck drivers took effect July 1, 2013 New hours of service rules for truck drivers took effect July 1, 2013.  The new rules are designed to improve safety by limiting the number of hours […]

Brett Emison

Inexperienced Truck Drivers Must Be Taught “Completely Differently”

  Trucking companies have begun implementing separate training programs for inexperienced drivers because “[y]ou have to teach [them] completely differently.”  An article in the trucking industry publication, Transport Topics, suggested  that truck companies are turning to such programs to increase […]

Brett Emison

Trucking Industry Still Facing Massive Labor Shortage

A shortage of safe, qualified semi truck drivers is still affecting the trucking industry. CNN published a recent online article that claims there is currently a 20,000-30,000 worker…

Brett Emison

Trucking Conspicuity: What You Can't See Can Hurt You

Conspicuity. It's awkward word for a deadly problem.

Conspicuity refers to a driver's ability to see, perceive, identify, and appreciate a semi-truck's position and speed on…