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Brett Emison

Friday Legal & Safety News Round Up: May 4, 2012

Legal, safety and other news that caught my interest this week:

So You Want To Be A Lawyer? [Scott Greenfield at Simple Justice]

Facebook Likes Aren't Speech Protected By the…

Brett Emison

Friday Legal & Safety News Round Up: April 27, 2012

Safety and legal news from around the internet that caught my interest this week:

In the news [Jeff Richardson at iPhone JD]

Do Judges Who Instruct Jurors To Avoid Social Media…

Brett Emison

Did You Know… Potato Chips Contain Cancer Causing Chemical Acrylamide?

You might be surprised at what ingredients (and chemicals) are found in your food. The video below from the popular television program, The Doctors, discusses some of these potentially harmful…

Brett Emison

Did You Know… Missouri Trial Lawyers Continue To Help Joplin Residents After Devastating Tornado?

I’ve written before about MoTLC – Missouri Trial Lawyers Care, a function of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys. A related group is MATA’s Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) who have partnered…

Brett Emison

Round Up: May 12, 2011

Legal, safety, and other topics that caught my interest this week:

Johnson & Johnson Recalls HIV Drug After Finding Smelly Chemical [Peter Loftus at WSJ] Another Johnson & Johnson…

Brett Emison

BP Oil Spill News Roundup

Some of the latest headlines from the BP oil spill:
BP Texas City Refinery Blast Victim: BP Keeps Killing People at ABC News
BP Chief Hayward Looks To Abu Dhabi Prince For Bailout at SmarTrends…

Brett Emison

Is Your Food Safe? Report Says FDA Needs Food Safety Overhaul

Bloomberg Businessweek reported this week on a report that suggested the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was not equipped to handle problems with the food supply and is need of a major…

Brett Emison

If You Spill It, He Will Come…To The Hill – Kevin Costner Explains Oil Clean Up Device To Congress

It’s not often that you’ll see me link back to People Magazine as the source for a blog topic, but here it is: People Magazine has reported that Kevin Costner testified to Congress about an oil…

Brett Emison

Could Eating Your (Canned) Vegetables Be Bad For You?

According to popular site, WebMD, a new study shows that eating canned vegetables could expose you to chemical compound, bisphenol A, more commonly known as BPA.
According to bisphenol-a.org, BPA…

Brett Emison

BP Oil Spill Damage Caps: A “Too Big To Spill” Bailout?

Did you know that BP’s liability to all of the families and businesses affected by the massive gulf oil spill is capped a total of only $75 million? Is British Petroleum too big to spill? Will the…