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Mark Emison

Reclined Car Seats Can Be Deceptively Unsafe

Reclined seat attorneys taking a case to trial must prove that the reclined seat defect caused or worsened the plaintiff’s injuries. Often times, attorneys can show that out of several vehicle occupants, only the passenger in the reclined seat suffered serious injuries.

Brett Emison

Disney World Cracking Down On "Disabled" Line Jumpers

In May, the New York Post featured a story about how Rich Manhattan moms hire handicapped tour guides so kids can cut lines at Disney World. The moms – and others across the country – turn…

Brett Emison

Friday Legal & Safety News Round Up: February 24, 2012

Legal and safety news that caught my interest this week:

AAJ calls for transparency of medical industry payments [Katie Gommel at Fighting for Justice]

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks…