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Brett Emison

"Learning From Litigation"… How Civil Justice Protects Patient Safety

It seems like medical malpractice is often the front line in the assault on civil justice and 7th Amendment freedoms. People, understandably, have a special relationship with their…

Brett Emison

(Un)Surprising Medical Malpractice Statistics From A Med Mal Insurance Company

A hat tip this morning to Andrew Cochran at The 7th Amendment Advocate for tweeting a link to Diederich Healthcare's telling medical malpractice infographic.

The statistics are…

Brett Emison

Angel of Death: How A Nurse Murdered Dozens Of Patients

Charles Cullen was a critical care nurse who murdered dozens of innocent, unsuspecting patients in at least seven different hospitals over more than 15 years. Despite warnings and red flags,…

Brett Emison

Defending The 2nd Amendment

The tragic killings at Sandy Hook elementary school and elsewhere across the country have led to vigorous debate about the proper reach of the 2nd Amendment and to what extent government may…

Brett Emison

Do You Have A Right of Free Speech If You’re Limited Only To Certain Words?

There are at least 250,000 distinct English words in our vocabulary. Other estimates put the number of English words at nearly 1 million to significantly more than a million words.

Would you…

Brett Emison

Friday Legal & Safety News Round Up: October 18, 2012

Check out these legal, safety, and other news headlines from around the Internet that caught my attention this week:

Obama and Romney Square Off In Political Jury Trial [Joe Patrice…

Brett Emison

American Medical News Spreads Frivolous Lawsuit Myth

The folks at American Medical News filed a report yesterday claiming that the Missouri Supreme Court decision, Watts v. Lester E. Cox Medical Centers, holding that non-economic damage caps for…

Brett Emison

Missouri Chamber of Commerce Demeans Constitution In Support Of Damage Caps

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce issued a telling statement in response to the Missouri Supreme Court decision striking down non-economic damages caps in medical malpractice injury cases.

Brett Emison

Friday Legal & Safety News Round Up: August 3, 2012

Check out these legal, safety, and other news headlines that caught my attention this week:

Tech Wars: Apple vs. Samsung Heads to Trial [Christopher Danzig at Above the Law]

Brett Emison

Mo. Supreme Court Upholds Constitution; Overturns Damages Caps

Much may be written about yesterday's decision by the Missouri Supreme Court striking down arbitrary medical liability damages caps in order to ensure that the right of trial by jury as…