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Brett Emison

Near Miss At Reagan Int’l Airport: 3 US Airways Jets Avoid Last-Second Collision

ABC News reported that 3 US Air commuter jets nearly avoided a mid-air collision at Reagan International Airport in Washington, DC after air traffic controllers modified approach vectors due…

Brett Emison

Captain Admits: Distracted Driving Caused Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Crash

When we hear about distracted driving, most think of teenagers texting or distracting movies or someone putting on makeup or even an errant cheeseburger wrapper. We don't often think about…

Brett Emison

Harry Smith on Rock Center: Fine Print Immunities Result In 'Goliath' Fight Against Cruise Industry

Veteran reporter Harry Smith (@HarrySmithNBC) on Rock Center reported last week that six months after the Costa Concordia cruise ship wreck disaster, some of the survivors are fighting the…

Brett Emison

Freight Train Crashes Into Tow Truck; Car Stuck On Railroad Crossing

The Washington Post and Gazette.net have both reported on a railroad crossing accident in which a freight train crashed into a tow truck trying to remove a vehicle that was stuck on the railroad…

Brett Emison

Did You Know… Railroad Companies Are Fighting Safety Improvements?

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, some 40% of railroad accidents are caused by human error. Starting in 1990, to mitigate these human error accidents, the NTSB put a new system…

Brett Emison

Why Don’t Railroad Companies Guard All Railroad Crossings?

I have written frequently about railroad crossing accidents and dangers.

A fatal train crash in Missouri sheds additional light on these dangers. The Springfield News Leader reported on a…

Brett Emison

Nebraska Supreme Court Reinstates Railroad Crossing Lawsuit

The Nebraska Supreme Court has reinstated a young woman’s lawsuit against Railroad giant, Union Pacific, alleging that the Union Pacific train crew failed to apply the brakes once the crew realized…

Brett Emison

Railroad Crossing Accident Fatality After Railroad Was Warned About Dangerous Crossing

A news story out of Salt Lake City recounts a doubly-tragic railroad accident. There is the obvious tragedy that a young person lost her life, but it is compounded by the fact that someone notified…

Brett Emison

UPDATE: NTSB To Improve Air Ambulance Safety; Fuel Questioned In Helicopter Crash

I wrote over the weekend about the high risk of air ambulance helicopter crashes. Following a crash in Mosby, Missouri, the NTSB will take steps to reduce and prevent fatal medical helicopter…

Brett Emison

Medical Helicopter Crashes: Worth The Risk?

Medical helicopters around the country save lives every day. However, there have been a substantial number of medical helicopter crashes. The most recent crash, in Mosby, Missouri, killed four and…