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Mark Emison

Three Surprising Stats on the Everyday Dangers of Railroad Crossings

It takes a skilled team of investigators, experts and railroad crossing attorneys to identify critical information. A railroad company is responsible for assuring that train crossing warning systems are active and in working order.

Brett Emison

2013 A Deadly Year At Iowa Railroad Crossings

2013 is shaping up to be a deadly year at Iowa railroad crossings according to the Des Moines Register.  Though railroad crossing deaths have been decreasing over the past decades, 2013 is the deadliest in Iowa since 2007.  Iowa averages 57 […]

Brett Emison

Are New Pilot Experience Requirements the Answer to Recent Aviation Crashes?

In the wake of the Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco on July 6, NBC News is reporting on the U.S. Federal Aviation Adminstration’s (FAA) new rule regarding experience requirements for co-pilots in passenger service in the U.S. This new rule, […]

Brett Emison

Time Magazine Asks: Should Airplane Seats Have Shoulder Belts?

Shoulder belts have been required in passenger cars for years.  Shouldn’t they be used on aircraft as well?  Shoulder belts are available on some flights – but only to passengers in first- and business-class (like the seat shown in the […]

Brett Emison

Aircraft Automation At Issue In Asiana Crash?

Details are still emerging about the Asiana Airlines crash at the San Francisco airport on July 6.  Investigators only recently examined the aircraft’s black box data and voice recorders and initial interviews with the flight crew.  However, investigators and the […]

Brett Emison

iPads In The Cockpit

We, in the back of the plane, still can't use our iPads and other electronics fully from gate to gate (for at least a couple months, anyway), but pilots have been using them for years….

Brett Emison

FAA To Allow Electronics During Take-Off and Landing

If you've done much flying, you're probably familiar with that little ding that signals the plane has reached 10,000 and you can pull out your laptop, iPad, smart phone, Kindle, or…

Brett Emison

Look Both Ways Before Crossing The Runway

Our office has a national law practice. This means I get to see my fair share of the country's airports, hotels, and conference rooms. At a Father's Day bar-b-que yesterday, I…

Brett Emison

Distracted Flying Cited in Deadly Missouri Helicopter Crash

Hopefully by now, we all know that distracted driving is dangerous. A recent news story highlights the fact that distracted flying can be dangerous too.

In their investigation of a…

Brett Emison

How To Increase Your Chances Of Surviving A Plane Crash

ABC's Good Morning America previewed what appears to be a very cool Discovery TV safety experiment that placed nearly half-a-million dollars worth of instrumented crash dummies on a Boeing…