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Mark Emison

Research Supports Concussions Cause Long-Term Impairment

A widely cited myth perpetuates that nearly all traumatic brain injuries resolve in three to six months without any long-term consequences. The myth lives on largely due to a frequently-cited statistic that claims only 15 percent of mTBI victims have long-term cognitive impairment. A recent published study found this number is likely a “gross underestimation.”

Brett Emison

Missouri Governor Vetoes Tort Reform Bills

The 7th Amendment to the United States Constitution provides for the right of citizens to have their disputes tried to a jury of their peers.  Under the Missouri Constitution, “the right to trial by jury as heretofore enjoyed shall remain […]

Brett Emison

IKEA Recall Highlights Risk of Tipping / Falling Furniture

IKEA announced yesterday a recall of nearly 30 million chests and dressers that can easily tip over onto children and result in serious injury or even death. The retail giant confirmed that at least 3 children had been killed by […]

Brett Emison

Anything You Post Can and Will Be Used Against You In A Court of Law

Could a smiling emoticon undermine your personal injury case?  In some courts, the answer is yes. Back in April, Amanda Hess at Slate wrote that “appearing happy on social media may be used against you in a court of law.”  In […]

Brett Emison

Chiefs Jovan Belcher Had Brain Damage

  In December 2012, Kansas City Chief Jovan Belcher committed the ultimate domestic violence – shooting girlfriend Kasandra Perkins multiple times and killing her.  A new study of Belcher’s brain showed he had signs of traumatic brain damage and likely was […]

Brett Emison

HBO Real Sports to Examine Link Between NFL Concussions and Domestic Violence

    Well folks, you heard it here first.  Almost two weeks ago, I asked the question no one else was asking at the time: Will the NFL and NFLPA admit the concussion link to domestic violence?  Later that day, Forbes […]

Brett Emison

Will NFL & NFLPA Admit Concussion Link to Domestic Violence?

By now, most of America has seen (or at least heard about) the horrific video show NFL running back Ray Rice knocking out his fiancee in an elevator and then dragging her out into a casino hotel.  You’ve also heard […]

Brett Emison

Study: 30% of Former NFL Players Will Develop Dementia

Almost 30% of NFL and former NFL players will develop some form of moderate to severe dementia according to an actuarial study of NFL data.  That compares to just a 1-in-7 risk of dementia for those 71 years and older […]

Brett Emison

NFL Star Suffering Memory Loss After Concussion Injuries

  In a somber reminder of what’s at risk for today’s professional football players, a number of sources have reported that NFL standout John Abraham is considering retirement following a concussion suffered in the 3rd quarter of the Arizona Cardinals‘ […]

Brett Emison

Football Players At All Levels At Concussion Risk

  Concussions and traumatic brain injury don’t just affect former NFL players, they strike high school players and college players as well. A former Portland State University football player – Zach Walen – has sued the NCAA and Oregon Health […]