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David Brose

Five Simple Safety Tips for Spring Break Road Trips

My daughter’s spring break begins next week. Thankfully, she’s not old enough to drive, so I don’t have the concern that other parents may feel when their kids head off for spring break road trips. For those who do have […]

Brett Emison

Trial Court: Bair Hugger Warming Blanket Lawsuits Will Proceed to Trial

In a critical victory for victims of Bair Hugger warming blanket infections, the trial judge presiding over thousands of hip and knee joint infection lawsuits ruled this week that the claims will continue against 3M over its Bair Hugger forced […]

Brett Emison

Industry Study Finds Low-T Therapy Does Not Improve Sexual Function or General Health

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association examined the effect of long-term Testosterone Replacement Therapy on plaque build up in arteries.  The study was funded by the multi-billion dollar drug makers that sell Low-T (one author […]

Brett Emison

Report: 9 out of 10 Drug Companies Spend More on Marketing than Research

    John Oliver unleashed a scathing report on aggressive off-label marketing by giant drug makers on his HBO program, Last Week Tonight.  Oliver took a close look at the increasingly aggressive marketing by giant pharmaceutical companies. This marketing has […]

Brett Emison

The Wrong-Doer’s “Silver Bullet”: Forced Arbitration

  When a corporation behaves badly… takes advantage of people… injures people… even breaks the law, AND if that corporation wants to avoid responsibility and accountability for its conduct, what does it do?  It asks the following question: “What if […]

Brett Emison

New Year’s Resolution Time: How Exercise Changes Your DNA

  Just in time for your New Year’s Resolution… a study published in in Epigenetics, confirmed that regular exercise actually changes our DNA, turning “on” certain genes. It turns out, our genome is far more complex than intermittent combinations of A-T-G-C […]

Brett Emison

RICO Claims Brought in Testosterone Gel Lawsuit

The stakes for drug makers selling testosterone gel therapies just got a little higher as an insurance company – Medical Mutual of Ohio – has filed suit against a number of testosterone gel manufacturers alleging RICO conspiracy claims.  RICO is […]

Brett Emison

Low T Sales Drop On Safety Concerns

Bloomberg has reported that sales of testosterone replacement gels (such as Androgel, Androderm, Axiron, Testim, and others) have dropped since an FDA advisory panel voted 20-1 to impose strict limitations on the off-label use of Low T gels in order […]

Brett Emison

FDA Panel: AndroGel, Other Testosterone Ineffective, Dangerous

After a hearing yesterday, a panel of experts strongly urged the FDA to impose strict limitations on the off-label use of testosterone replacement gels in order to avoid prescribing testosterone to millions of men who have no medical need for […]

Brett Emison

FDA Examines Testosterone Gel Dangers

  The FDA continues to review the risks and dangers of testosterone gel safety.  An FDA panel is considering whether to add restrictions to the $2 billion testosterone therapy industry.  The administration is expected to announce its recommendations following its […]