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David Brose

Profits Over Safety: Automakers Still Selling Vehicles with Defective Takata Airbags

At issue is Takata’s use of a compound called ammonium nitrate that acts like a propellant to create a small explosion that inflates the airbags in a crash. The chemical propellant is housed in a metal canister designed to contain the explosion. But, ammonium nitrate can deteriorate and become unstable over time or when it is exposed to moisture in high heat and humidity, causing the propellant to burn too fast; blow apart the metal canister; and send shrapnel into the necks and faces of vehicle occupants.

Brett Emison

The Right to an Impartial Jury

  The right to jury trial is preserved by the 7th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Here, in Missouri, the right to a jury trial is to “remain inviolate” (Art. 1, sec. 22(a)]. Our jury trial system is based […]

Brett Emison

Should a Victim Be Forced to Bailout the Defendant Who Hurt Her

I see injured people every day in my job.  I have clients who have experienced all manner of tragedy – from sprains and bruises to broken bones, paralysis, burns, and death.  And despite their injuries – and their innocence – […]

Brett Emison

Isn’t it time to increase mandatory car insurance limits?

I wrote last week about Uber’s insurance gap.  The scariest part of that gap is Uber’s minimal coverage when the driver is “on duty”, but has not yet accepted a trip.  While on a trip, the driver is provided $1 […]

Brett Emison

Uber’s Insurance Gap

I use Uber.  I like Uber.  Because I use and like Uber, I was concerned that the person driving me might not be properly insured should something unfortunate befall us on the ride.  As it turns out, it appears that Uber […]

Brett Emison

Tesla’s Autopilot: What Happens When Things Go Wrong?

Tesla’s autopilot feature is, by all accounts, a very cool feature.  According to the company: Autopilot allows Model S to steer within a lane, change lanes with the simple tap of a turn signal, and manage speed by using active, […]

Brett Emison

Friday Fun Poll: Judge Judy

  Have you ever wondered how the litigants on Judge Judy actually get selected for the show?  No? Neither had I, but one of our local affiliates told us anyway.  Fox 4 KC reported on a solicitation letter from Judge […]

Brett Emison

Friday Fun Poll: Self-Driving Cars

Tech Insider reports that self-driving cars could go mainstream soon than we might think.  We could be motoring along in driverless vehicles by 2020.  In fact, Google’s self-driving cars have already logged more than 1 million miles.  Uber and Apple […]

Brett Emison

Friday Fun Poll: The Best Things In Life

Friday Fun Poll… The best things in life! The best things in life are… © Copyright 2015 Brett A. Emison Follow @BrettEmison on Twitter.

Brett Emison

Friday Fun Poll: What’s the best lawyer movie?

Friday fun poll… What’s the best lawyer movie? What is the best lawyer movie of all time? © Copyright 2015 Brett A. Emison Follow @BrettEmison on Twitter.