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Mercedes-Benz GL Recalled For Defective Fuel Line That Could Cause Fire

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Reports say that Mercedes-Benz will recall the 2009 GL550 SUVs because of a defective fuel line that could result in a vehicle fire.

Mercedes-Benz has issued a recall order for about 350 GL550 SUVs from model year 2009, in order to correct a fuel line defect that could result in a vehicle fire.

In a recall notice filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the automaker explains, “The fuel line quick connectors located under the vehicle away from the engine compartment may not have been connected properly on the assembly line and completely seated in the connection. In case of a frontal crash, the fuel pump would no longer function but a partial dislocation of the line could lead to a potential for fuel loss from the line at the quick connector. Fuel leakage, in the presence of an ignition source, could result in a fire.”

Mercedes dealers will inspect the fuel line connectors, and install a new, redesigned clamp in order to ensure a secure connection, free of charge. Owners should receive a recall letter in the mail in January, but those who wish to make their own repair arrangements may contact Mercedes at (800) 367-6372.

You can learn more about fuel fed fire defects at this blog post or by visiting our web site.

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