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On A Lighter Note: A Creative Explanation For Toyota’s Recall

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I have been — and remain — fiercely critical of Toyota’s conduct regarding its sudden acceleration problem and the delayed and piecemeal nature of the sudden acceleration recall.

As I have documented here for the last several months, Toyota has known about — and ignored — its sudden acceleration problem for more than five years. Instead of acknowledging and repairing this widespread defect, Toyota waited years to acknowledge the defect and instead blamed its own customers. It appears Toyota’s conduct is just more of the same for a company with a documented history of safety-problem cover-ups.

However, even in moments of grave seriousness, one must be able to laugh. With that in mind, I offer you someone’s creative explanation for Toyota’s underlying acceleration problem:

For those of you who have never seen the Blues Brothers, I encourage you to add it to your Netflix queue.

1 Comment

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  1. Brian says:
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    We’re all so concerned about Toyota’s that are made here in the US while at the same time this administration ignores over 14 millions unsafe Gen3 Seatbelts in Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Jeep from 1993-2004 where people have been “ejected” from their vehicles. Chrysler even witnessed crash test dummies being ejected but still used the design. Instead they were given billions in bailout money and helped to be “given” away to FIAT, an Italian company. FYI, Chrysler also has sudden unintended acceleration problems (over 500 complaints for Jeep Grand Cherokee alone), complaints for Dodge Nitro surfacing on the news and on forums, why isn’t anyone interested in that?