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Land Rover Announces 2010 Range Rover Recall

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Sources have reported that Jaguar Land Rover North America will recall multiple models of the 2010 Range Rover for failing to comply with the minimum safety requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 208.


Jaguar Land Rover North America has announced that it is recalling certain models of the 2010 Range Rover vehicles for failing to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 208, “Occupant crash protection”. They stated that these vehicles equipped with occupant classification system (OCS) may experience airbag warning lamp illumination on the instrument cluster. The passenger airbag will be disabled when the airbag warning lamp is illuminated as a result of this defect and the passenger airbag warning disable (PAWD) lamp in the overhead console will also illuminate.

Deployment of the passenger airbag may not be achieved in the event of a vehicle crash increasing the risk of injury. Dealers will update the vehicles restraints control module (RCM) with the integrated diagnostics system (IDS) tool with software from dvd 118.5 patch 16 or later. This service will be preformed free of charge. The safety recall is expected to begin on or before December 21st, 2009. Owners may contact Jaguar Land Rover at 1-800-452-4827.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) are the minimum requirements under federal law that auto manufacturers must meet before selling a vehicle to the driving public.

Federal safety standards are the lowest level of safety permitted. Car makers are encouraged to exceed these minimum safety standards to make their vehicles as safe as possible.

Auto companies must certify compliance with these minimum safety standards before selling their vehicles. However, many times the vehicles do not actually comply and car companies are forced to issue a recall to fix the problem.

All Range Rover owners should contact their local dealer or the telephone number above to ensure that their vehicle is repaired to meet at least the minimum safety requirements.