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Ford Posts $2.7 Billion Yearly Profit

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The Wall Street Journal has reported that Ford Motor Company has posted a yearly profit for fiscal year 2009.

Net income for the fourth-quarter was $868 million, or 25 cents a share compared with a loss of $5.98 billion, or $2.51 a share. Excluding items, the company reported a 43-cent earnings-per-share profit, exceeding the Thomson Reuters analyst estimate of 26 cents a share. The auto maker’s fourth-quarter revenue was $35.4 billion.

Ford’s full-year 2009 profit was $2.7 billion. . . .

Ford’s net income of $868 million for the fourth quarter means that Ford made profits of nearly $10 million per day. Ford’s recent profit growth spurred in year average, in which it made more than $7.5 million in profit each day this year.