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Expensive Pile Up Smashes 8 Ferraris, 2 Mercedes, And A Lamborghini

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Exotic Sports Car Pile Up (Source: Kyodo News / AP)Ouch!

The Associated Press (via MSNBC) reported that perhaps the world's most expensive pile up occurred in Japan after 14 cars got tangled up, including eight Ferraris, two Mercedes, and a Lamborghini worth more than $1 million.

The crash occurred during a sportscar enthusiast outing in Japan – an event a police spokesman called "a gathering of narcissists."

The crash appears to have occurred when the driver of one of the Ferraris lost control while changing lanes. The Ferrari slid into the median and spun across the highway. The other sportscars crashed while trying to avoid the spinning Ferrari.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, though a number of people were treated for bruises and cuts.

The driver triggering the collision may face up to three months in jail and a fine of up to 100,00 yen (about $1,300).

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