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Brett Emison

Increasing Injuries, Deaths from Keyless Vehicles

After two decades of increasing injuries and deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by keyless-ignition vehicles, The New York Times has published an article that examines the risks of keyless cars and automakers’ failure to act.   Since 2006, more than […]

David Brose

Are Your RV Tires Safe? The Dangers of Goodyear RV Tires

Defective Goodyear tires installed on thousands of recreational vehicles (RVs) allegedly caused crashes that injured or killed nearly 100 people in the past two decades.   Lawsuits allege the G159 tires were designed for pickup and delivery trucks in commercial service […]

David Brose

Five Simple Safety Tips for Spring Break Road Trips

My daughter’s spring break begins next week. Thankfully, she’s not old enough to drive, so I don’t have the concern that other parents may feel when their kids head off for spring break road trips. For those who do have […]

David Brose

5 Top Safety Tips for Winter Driving

Snow, sleet and ice make cars and trucks slide around and greatly increase the distance required to stop your vehicle. Here are five winter driving tips that can greatly reduce your risk of being seriously injured in an auto accident.

Mark Emison

Reclined Car Seats Can Be Deceptively Unsafe

Reclined seat attorneys taking a case to trial must prove that the reclined seat defect caused or worsened the plaintiff’s injuries. Often times, attorneys can show that out of several vehicle occupants, only the passenger in the reclined seat suffered serious injuries.

David Brose

Tire Defects that Cause Serious Accidents

Tire failures, or what may often be referred to in accident reports as “blow-outs,” are a common cause of motor vehicle accidents that result in serious and often fatal injuries. Although it may be easy to determine that a tire […]

Langdon & Emison

Five No-No’s in Auto Accident Lawsuits

While a lot of my cases have to do with issues of product liability and other areas of automotive litigation, there is still a large number of auto accident cases in the U.S. each year.  With cell-phone usage while driving […]

Langdon & Emison

Watch the Edge: When Unsafe Pavement Drop-Offs Cause Accidents with Devastating Consequences

The summer months offer an ideal time for road trips, sight-seeing, family visits and other activities that require long-distance travel across U.S. roadways. What hazards might the traveling public encounter as they head out on the highways? How safe are […]

Brett Emison

Pokemon Go: Have You Read the Fine Print?

  Pokemon Go has had a remarkable roll out in the last week or so.  Earlier this week, USA Today reported that the augmented reality game had been downloaded more than 15 million times.  Another report tallied more than 21 […]

Brett Emison

Tesla Autopilot Crash: Who Is Responsible When Autonomous Vehicles Crash?

The first reported death involving an autonomous – or, in this case, a semi-autonomous – vehicle occurred this week.  The victim was driving in Florida when the Tesla’s Autopilot mode failed to detect a tractor-trailer that was turning in front […]