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Brett Emison

Missouri Senate Votes To Destroy Non-Partisan Court Plan

The Missouri Senate voted last Thursday to destroy the Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan, injecting politics into a legal system that should be determined on merit, facts, and law.


Brett Emison

Friday Legal & Safety News Round Up: April 27, 2012

Safety and legal news from around the internet that caught my interest this week:

In the news [Jeff Richardson at iPhone JD]

Do Judges Who Instruct Jurors To Avoid Social Media…

Brett Emison

Texting Teen Charged With Manslaughter In Fatal Crash

Chances are you've done it. Or a friend driving you has done it. Or your parent or even a grandparent has done it. You've checked a text, email, or made a call while driving.

A Kansas…

Brett Emison

Is It Legal To Wear Headphones While Driving?

The folks at LifeHacker.com and the American Automobile Association (AAA) have answered this question. It depends on where you're driving.

In some states, there is no law at all against…

Brett Emison

NHTSA Proposes Mandatory Brake Override Technology

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently proposed a new requirement for brake override switches to be installed in all cars and light trucks that utilize an…

Brett Emison

Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan Attacked For Not Being Partisan Enough

Carrie Severino at the National Review Online is at it again (coded nofollow). Her newest piece again contradicts itself in complaining that the Missouri non-partisan court plan doesn't work…

Brett Emison

New Recall Fines Will Make Drivers Safer

New recall fines included in the transportation bill passed in the Senate (but awaiting approval in the House of Representatives) will make our highways safer. The bill permits the National…

Brett Emison

Quinn on Glee Return: Texting And Driving Dumbest Thing I Ever Did

Glee's winter cliffhanger left the audience wondering what happened to Quinn after her texting and driving crash at the end of the episode. Some leaks from the set raised questions about what…

Brett Emison

Study: Sleep Apnea A Significant, Unrecognized Problem In Commercial Truck Drivers

I have written before about the problem of fatigue for airline pilots and truck drivers. Now Truckinginfo.com – the web site of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine – has reported on a study that found…

Brett Emison

Did You Know… Super PACs Are Targeting Judicial Elections?

Last year, the New York Times asked the question: Can Justice be bought? A Washington Post article from March suggests powerful Super PACs may be preparing to try.

While many states have…