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Brett Emison

DePuy Hip Class Action Lawsuit Filed in New Jersey

The New Jersey Law Journal has reported that the New Jersey Municipal Employee Benefits Fund has filed a class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics stemming…

Brett Emison

Round Up: AT&T v. Concepcion

What constitutional rights would you be willing to give up for the pleasure of owning an iPhone? You’d better be willing to give up the 7th Amendment.
The Supreme Court of the United States handed…

Brett Emison

News Article Alleges DePuy Hip Recall Symptom of Bigger Problems at J&J

A Bloomberg Businessweek article points to the troubles facing Johnson & Johnson, not only with the DePuy Hip recall, but also in over 50 other product recalls since the beginning of…

Brett Emison

Did You Know… A Number of Common Nutritional Supplements Have Recently Been Recalled?

On April 4, 2011, the FDA launched a new website which allows consumers to more quickly search for recalls of food, drugs and other products. One thing that is useful about this new tool: it…

Brett Emison

Axxent FlexiShield Recall Elevated by FDA to Class I

A recall of a medical device that has reportedly left particles of tungsten in women’s breasts has now been designated as a Class I recall. This is the most serious type of product removal…

Brett Emison

Families Faced with Security Challenges for the Elderly in Nursing Homes

Older adults and those with aging parents are faced with challenges as the first of the Baby Boomers are hitting 65. This generation has been termed the “pig in the python”, referring to…

Brett Emison

Did You Know… Pool and Spa Drain Covers Can Pose a Risk for Entrapment?

With the hottest part of the year coming up, and schools across America coming to a close over the next two months, pool-owners from coast to coast are beginning to kick off the thermal pool covers…

Brett Emison

Nevada Investigating Medical Device Relationship with Doctors

The New York Times this week published a report that Nevada state officials have begun an investigation to determine if payments to cardiologists by a heart device company were legitimate consulting…

Brett Emison

Did You Know… Auto Crashes Are 4th Leading Cause Of Death?

The recently released National Safety Council’s Death Statistics reveal that one thing is true for all of us — life is a blessing and no one makes it out alive.

While listing in detail the…

Brett Emison

California Bill To Protect Internet Privacy

Who’s watching… I always feel like somebody’s watching me and I have no privacy….
— Rockwell (80’s song and current Geico commercial)

If you’re online, there a pretty good chance someone…