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Brett Emison

Seroquel Settlement — AstraZeneca Pays Half A Billion Dollars To Settle Four Seroquel Cases

The New York Times reported that AstraZeneca — the manufacturer of the atypical antipsychotic drug, Seroquel — will pay $520 million to settle two federal investigations and two whistle-blower…

Brett Emison

Toyota Has More Troubles Than Just Sudden Acceleration

The Safety Record is reporting about Toyota’s mounting troubles that go beyond the sudden acceleration problem that is potentially caused by floor mats interacting with the accelerator…

Brett Emison

Independence, Missouri Cracks Down On Train Accidents

The Independence Examiner is reporting that the City of Independence, Missouri is cracking down on motorists to remind them of railroad crossing accident dangers.
Independence Police . . . issued…

Brett Emison

Safety Advocates Push For No Texting Rule

The Safety Record is reporting that Advocates for Highway Safety are asking the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to prohibit or restrict electronic devices that distract truck drivers’…

Brett Emison

Two Injured in Arizona Trucking Accident

ABC News is reporting that two people were seriously injured in a trucking accident when a semi truck ran out of control and went off the side of Highway 68 in Bullhead City, Arizona.

Two people…

Brett Emison

Teenager Injured In Tennessee Train Accident

Chattanooga, Tennessee’s ABC affiliate is reporting that a teenager was injured during a Tennessee railroad crossing accident.

An 18-year-old man is recovering at Erlanger today after a train…

Brett Emison

Tractor Trailer Accidents Cause Too Many Deaths

Tractor trailer accidents cause a disproportionate number of deaths. Because of the vast difference in size and weight between a semi truck and a passenger vehicle, these crashes are much more…

Brett Emison

St. Louis, Missouri Police Officer Dies From Injuries In Trucking Accident

Our condolences and prayers go out to the family of Officer Julius Moore, who died on October 16, 2009 from injuries sustained in a semi truck accident.

[Officer] Moore was hurt [on October 6,…

Brett Emison

Two Killed in Amsterdam, Missouri Railroad Crossing Accident

The Kansas City Star has reported that Mary Redmond, of Linn Valley, Kansas and John South, of Amsterdam, Missouri were killed when their vehicle was struck by a train in an apparent railroad…

Brett Emison

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Destroyed Evidence in Attempted Cover Up

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported yesterday that Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) engaged in a staggering pattern of misconduct, including destroying evidence in an attempted…