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Problems With Texas' Workers Comp System

A story from Dalas-Ft.Worth’s WFAA-TV details the problems of Texas’ workers compensation system through the eyes of two injured workers, Robert Frederick and Frankie Dutcher. Frederick suffers from a back injury he sustained while working as an auto mechanic four years ago, while Dutcher suffers from serious side-effects of exposure to hamful chemicals while working as a power-line repairman in…

Staff Writer

Blood Pressure Drugs Linked to Birth Defects

Thanks to Philadelphia personal injury lawyer Jamie Sheller for bringing to my attention a Public Health Advisory from the FDA. Last week, the agency announced a study in the New England Journal of Medicine has linked ACE inhibitors to an increased risk of birth defects when used in a woman’s first trimester of pregnancy. ACE inhibitors are often prescribed to lower blood pressure – by blocking…